Help support and send out missionaries and teams around the world.


Send a note to one of our partners today! 

One of the biggest needs for our partners is encouragement. You can play a key part in that by sending notes of encouragement to our partners. They love hearing from us and knowing that we are thinking about and praying for them. Just a few words can mean so much! Ministry can be challenging and draining, especially in a culture that is different than your own. Be part of encouraging those that are being the hands and feet of Christ around the world.

Click here to send a note to one of our partners.


Partner Care Groups help us stay in contact with our missionaries while they are in the field, and help connect with them while they are home. These groups may be a specific small group that chooses to adopt a missionary, or a group of people who come together to form a Care Group. If you join a Care Group you will be able to contact our missionaries directly about their needs, help host them while they are home and connect them with members of our church. You will also be able to send care packages to ensure that their needs are being met while they are on the field and get to know them personally!

If you’d like to lead or join a Partner Care Group you can sign up here!