There are several types of adoption...

Adoption occurs in many different shapes and sizes. Orphan Care Connection seeks to connect people to the adoption situation that is best suited to them, whether it be local or international, infant or teenager, from foster care or private adoption. The options are many, and the rewards are even more!

Domestic Private

Adoptions through licensed adoption agencies (for-profit or non-profit), attorneys or adoption facilitators, physicians or other intermediaries

Often these children are adopted directly from their birth families using the services of adoption attorneys or adoption agencies to make sure that the legal requirements are met. Usually, the child's biological family chooses the adoptive family, and both parties take part in deciding how much future contact the original family will continue to have with the newly created family.

Inter-Country (International)

Adoption of children who are citizens of one country by parents who are citizens of a different country

These adoptions require the approval of the governments of both countries. Nearly all international adoptions are conducted through agencies that understand the requirements of foreign countries and the U.S. government.


Adoption of children by someone related to the children by family ties or by prior relationship connection

Children are sometimes adopted by their stepmothers, stepfathers, aunts, uncles or grandparents, if one or both of their parents cannot take care of them. These adoptions also need the assistance of licensed adoption professionals to make sure legal requirements are met.

Domestic Adoption from State Foster Care

Adoption of children from the U.S. foster care system or public child welfare system

Many children in the community need new families because they are growing up in state-sponsored foster care in temporary situations that can change at any moment. These children are all ages--infants to adolescents and races, some with health problems and some with none. Many are sibling groups of 2 or more children who need a family together. Having suffered losses, these children need new parents who are committed to helping them make the transition to a permanent home and the optimism and hope that a permanent family can offer.

While these children are generally in the custody of the public child welfare agency, these agencies often contract with private provider agencies in the community to perform the adoption services including preparation classes, home studies, post-adoption support and finalization. For most of these children, the state will provide access to Medicaid for their medical needs and a subsidy which can help meet other needs such as tutoring, summer camp, therapy and child care or enrichment activities.

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